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5 Easy Tips for switching to cloth nappies

Right now there are hundreds (probably thousands) of families who are wanting to make the move into cloth nappies. Families who are probably looking through the depth and wealth of information available and feeling somewhat overawed, overwhelmed and like they slipped into some alternate dimension filled with a foreign language they don’t speak. Luckily I’m here to tell you to sit back and relax because these 5 tips will make it just that little bit easier to understand what you are getting yourself in to and make the switch to cloth nappies. 1 – Don’t ask what the best cloth nappy around is (especially in facebook groups). Unless you want your head to explode with 6000 different answers. Put simply...

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Getting started with Night Nappies

Getting Started with Night Nappies can really seem like the final frontier. It’s the last piece of the puzzle when looking to use cloth full time, and I’m not gonna lie – it can be quite daunting. Like what exactly is a night nappy anyway? Can I just use one of my regular nappies with some extra inserts? Why are they sooooo big?? So there are a variety of ways you can use cloth overnight, much of this will depend on things like how heavy a wetter you have, how old your baby is and if you plan on changing overnight. The general aim of a night nappy is to have something that will last 10-12 hours or 5-6 if you...

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Getting Started with Newborn Cloth Nappies

How do you get started with newborn cloth nappies? For most people the first question they have is: ‘Should I start with newborn cloth nappies or wait till bubs is a bit older?”  This is often the starting point for many people on their journey into cloth nappies.  There is no single right answer, just like there is no single right cloth nappy for every bum!  Should I buy newborn cloth nappies? That's actually a really good question and one which comes up a lot. From my perspective I think that having some newborn cloth nappies on hand is totally worth it. With my first I invested in some newborn cloth nappies to help me decide if I would be able to use...

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Using Modern Cloth Nappies

So! You want to get started using modern cloth nappies. If you’re anything like me, you might have received a few funny looks from people when you tell them that you are planning to or that you currently are using modern cloth nappies. I remember the skeptical look from some people when I was pregnant (to be fair this was balanced out by a fair amount of support too). This look very clearly communicated a ‘try it and see how much you enjoy the hard work’ view while silently nodding and smiling. I think my favourite was the shop attendant who told me modern cloth nappies leaked and that I should just use disposables for the first little while till...

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