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Brands - Seedling Baby

Seedling Baby

At Seedling Baby they know you don’t have time to be thinking too hard about nappies. What you want is to change and go, knowing that the nappy you’ve chosen will do it’s job.

That’s why for the past 11 years they’ve been making beautiful cloth nappy products that do what they’re supposed to.

Gentle on baby, the planet and the back pocket.

Simplicity for your parenting journey.

Designed in Australia and used on 5 of Eva’s own babies, the team at Seedling Baby know first hand that they’ve hit a winner. A nappy that contains everything it’s supposed to contain, is easy to use and care for, and looks positively delightful… what more could you want?

Our nappies work
They will save you money over the course of the time your child is in nappies
They wash and wear exceptionally well, meaning that the nappies you put on your newborn will be same ones you use on their final day in nappies