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Newborn Cloth Nappies

Newborn cloth nappies can be a fantastic way to get started with cloth nappies in general.

The benefits of using specific newborn cloth nappies are that you have a dedicated nappy which will fit right from the word go. Although newborn nappies are only used for up to 12 weeks (depending on the size of your baby) they are perfectly suited to your babies size.

Newborns go through around 8-12 nappy changes a day which adds up to around 420 nappy changes during the newborn period. For a disposable at a cost of .30c each this is around $126 in nappies. For a similar price you can easily get your hands on 10 newborn nappies (prefolds and fitteds) which would allow you to use newborn cloth nappies one day on one day off. This not only helps you save money but also saves hundreds of disposable nappies going into landfill.

If you are planning on having more than one child then a full newborn stash will pay for itself by the second child and can easily be used on a third and subsequent children.

Plus newborn cloth nappies retain value on the second hand market which means you can gain back some of the money used in the initial investment and help someone else cloth nappy their child.

Below is a short video which runs through some of the newborn cloth we have available in store.