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My Lil Pouch Choke Safe Lid

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Always have extra choke safe lids on hand with this handy 5 pack!

These choke safe lids are dishwasher safe, freezer safe and feature an important choke resistant design for children. Eliminate the chance of injury by securing your reusable food pouches with these choke safe lids. You’ll be able to make sure your baby has a safe experience while enjoying his delicious squeezable meal. Whilst we strongly recommend you remove the lid before serving, we know all too well that small children have the temptation to try out everything with their little mouths first, so make sure you make things as safe as possible. We also find that the larger designed lid is harder to loose and easier to grip! The best solution for busy families: My Lil Pouch reusable food pouch products are convenient, affordable and safe!

These choke safe lids are available in different colours, and can be used with all 4 sizes of reusable food pouches.