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Custom Subscription Box

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The easiest and most convenient way to get started with cloth nappies!

When you know you want to use cloth nappies but are so overwhelmed by all that choice not to mention confused with the styles and the brands and...what was the difference between and insert and a liner again?

Wouldn't it be easier if nappies just arrived at your door right when you need them?

Our custom subscription box is your way to build your nappies up without having to spend hours researching endless styles and brands and searching every store high and low.

I've done aalllll the hard work for you - I have personally used each and every brand in our store and after putting my own children through cloth am an expert in how to make them work.

With our custom subscription box you get 1:1 personal service from me to you.

I will work with you to build your nappies and accessories from newborn to OSFA to night time solutions and offer support through your whole journey.

Whether it's e-mail, phone, sms, facetime you name it I am yours for the duration of your subscription.

Together we will work through the different styles of nappies, the different types of inserts and materials, explain the lingo, sort out your wash routine, get your fit right and troubleshoot anything you need.

Basically you get ME holding your hand through the whole thing.


*minimum of 12 nappies per custom box* Once you have placed your order I will be in touch with some information and we will start building your box. Pricing will be dependent on the amount of nappies and accessories included in the box, once you are happy with the products in your box the price of your subscription will be updated to reflect this. Subscriptions can be set to run from 2-6months.*

If you'd like some further information or to have a quick chat about our custom packages please e-mail: with any questions or to arrange a quick phone call to discuss your needs and options.