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My Lil Pouch Blue Blockies Pouch 100ml - 5 Pack

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Built for rough and tumble, adventure, boys, boogers and dirt! Our blockies range of pouches is loved by all boys!

The My Lil Pouch product range is the solution to on-the-go healthy eating for babies, kids and adults. My Lil Pouch is a squeezable and multi-use food pouch that allows for quick and mess-free meals or snacks. Simply open the durable wide double zippered pouch, add the desired food, secure with a lid and a zip of the double ziplock, and your reusable food pouch is ready for use!

The 100ml size is ideal for toddlers’ little appetites and is easy to grasp with their small hands, they are a perfect baby food pouch for your home cooking too! A perfect compact size for school lunch boxes and quick and easy snacking!
These reusable pouches also work great for mess-free condiments at picnics, while on family camping trips, snacks for active athletes, and meals for babies. Convenient for growing kids and households on a budget, you’ll want to use these pouches at every opportunity.