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My Lil Pouch Clear Pouch 500ml - 5 Pack

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The My Lil Pouch product range is the solution to on-the-go healthy eating for babies, kids and adults. My Lil Pouch is a squeezable and multi-use food pouch that allows for quick and mess-free meals or snacks. Simply open the durable wide zippered pouch, add the desired food, secure with a lid and a zip of the ziplock, and your reusable food pouch is ready for use! Our clear design is a very practical and multi purpose design,  suitable to all your needs and applications.

In addition to all standard features the 500ml clear pouch features a twin double ziplock seal for extra durability. Making this pouch perfect for all round use, from stocks and sauces in the kitchen to health and protein shakes orsmoothies!  Ideal for camping, perfect for travelling cocktails and sensational for everything in between!